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Art is a dirty river, it should be sea to grasp in itself a dirty river without becoming impure.
One of his sentence to present Andrea Mauro, impure art appreciated inventor, who died in 2010. In his curriculum over 900 exhibitions, which has served both in Italy and abroad.

Why to talk about Mauro Andrea?

Simply because Mauro Andrea is the real answer to the combination of art and technology.
Born in Faeza in 1954 and as a child demonstrates a huge passion for design. He attended art school , but "fortunately",he leaves it very soon: as he liked to say. This however does not stop his continuos artistic research.
In 1979 born the ART IMPURE, a label that will accompany him through his life and that begins with a series of Madonne considered blasphemous and transgressive.
In Gianni Mina studio, he presents his work and it's a sequence of events and collaborations.
Years of art, in which he never stops to experiment. Any support is right to create art. As he said: Practically speaking, there is no oil on Mauro Andrea canvas! They are “Mediterranean graffiti" that anticipate the metropolitan graffiti current, which developed in U.S. in the 80s.
In 1998 begins to mix the concept of the art with the one of technology. He starts to use only the computer Michelangelo. A new brush. A new meaning for the term "impure art".
The deeper meaning of his choice and his art is in his own words: My painting, with the aid of a computer exceeds the mathematical concept of the picture and allows me to go to space and time without limits, traveling the Universe with great breath. The computer is an extension of man organs and senses: at the beginning I had to pick up new energy to be transferred into painting, so I learned to paint with mind to create an new Art, more modern, non-contaminated, then more PURE! The early years helped me to find the concept and make tests, giving birth to a new trend that conceptually could born just from there. Then with the outbreak of the Gulf War, seeing that with the computer you could kill, I thought I could paint very well with Michelangelo without hurting anyone and, as written by Marcello Venturoli, I knew foresee. (...) For me it is important the emotion that an artwork transfers, if it is ART you will understand in the future.
Use the mind, only the mind, to paint. A pure artwork, non-contaminated by brushes and colors. An impure artwork, because it was created with the computer Michelangelo.
A continuous journey to search of new, revolutionary, between pure and impure, between reality and fantasy, between the sacred and the profane, art and technology.
Michelangelo is the beginning of the history of Ghelco.
Mauro Andrea is the artist, the graphic, the painter, the sculptor, but especially the Friend who has been able to use its potential as well.
He loved Mogol words and Battisti sound. Many of his works have as titles song phrases of the incomparable duo. 30 works have been decicated only to the famous singer of Poggio Bustone ... All made with Michelangelo, of course.
A free song, dreaming and dreaming again innocent evasions.
It is true that "knowing how to live is an art" ... And for us the life of Andrea Mauro was really a unrepeatable artwork , irreverent, subversive, full of sensitivity and humanity, but almost a unique artwork: "You call its if you want ... Emotions!"

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