Ghelco born in 1993 for Michelangelo system distribution on the Italian market.
Already 20 years ago it was possible to print directly any kind of surface trough an airbrush digital head (CMYK) and to obtain 16 millions of colour tones.

In 2012 Ghelco decided to stop the systems sale because the relation between the system price, the productivity and the printing quality made its not more competitive on the market.
Even so, today we are able to supply regenerated systems with very interesting prices (from €30.000,00 till € 50.000,00), ideal for body car, architectural and design sectors.
Models actually available and perfectly regenerated are: 2.5, 3.1 and 4.5

All the systems are supplied with:

  • technical warranty
  • installation
  • training in Ghelco
  • Customer services:
  • scheduled technical assistance
  • spare parts warehouse
  • inks warehouse

For more information, you can contact us through our form (section contact), by mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at +39 011 895 09 44