Valjet 400


With its special inkjet technology, VALJET allows the reproduction of any graphic idea on glass, wood, aluminum and ceramics, up to the toughest materials, from one to thousand times, in an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly way. Each product can come single or be part of a series that is reproducible at any time. High definition, perfect colour-material integration, the ability to make decorations perfectly opaque or transparent and double-sided printing are some of the many features that have made Valjet the ideal solution for uniting material with design.

Ghelco Valjet 400 - Digital flatbed printing machine with inkjet technology

  • Worktop with pull-out drawer
  • Ideal for printing objects, T-shirts, gadget, etc
  • Semi-automatic system for identifying material thickness
  • Maximum print size: 360x560 mm
  • Maximum thickness of material: 70 mm
  • Inkjet micropiezo 8 channels printing head (variable drop on 7 levels)
  • High mechanical colour grip for decorations "face exposed"
  • Possibility to make decorations with perfect transparency in interaction with the natural characteristics of the material (glass, wood, stone)/ total coverage according to specific needs
  • Ability to print on flat surfaces with gradients and volumes up to 3 mm
  • High colour grip on glass and inhospitable materials
  • Absence of materiality and thickness of decorated parts


  • 001-legno
  • 002-ceramica
  • 003-pelle
  • 004-forex
  • 005-plexigas
  • 006-vetro
  • 007-acciaio
  • 008-alluminio
  • 009-pietre
  • 010-plastica


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Valjet 400 is the smallest and most compact digital flatbed printing machine with inkjet technology in the Valjet series. Its weight of 40 kilograms and its easy use make it a flexible, practical and economical working tool. ValJet Mini was born with the aim of decorating glass and other materials related to design and furnishing of high value. This printing system allows printing on any rigid or flexible material with thickness up to 70 mm and a maximum size of 360X560 MM. This machine is aimed at users who are interested in exploiting the capabilities of the decorative ink jet printing process, while keeping costs down. It is ideal for making samples and amazing, unique products, and also gives the opportunity of producing small series.


One of the main factors of the extremely high quality printing - in addition to 2880 dpi achievable resolution - is the new generation (H2O) ink pack, designed for Valjet and its main applications. Thanks to these special inks, Valjet realizes decorations without special pre-treatments and after- decoration protection, (excluding materials where further treating is necessary).
Therefore, we have achieved two important results:
- The chromatic strength of the Valjet colours remain unchanged and the colours maintain their natural aspect, with an appreciable result in particular on glass, ceramics and metal,
- The reduction of printing treatment steps and the unnecessary use of primer and protective painting on some materials, allow a considerable time saving and therefore costs saving.


Glass, aluminum, steel, copper and plastic materials such as plexiglass, polycarbonate and PVC, leather, wood and textile can be decorated with the Valjet system and its specific inks. Valjet 400 also has the capacity to print materials in 3D (printing zone limited according to curvatures of level difference)
On unglazed surfaces with direct printing or on glossy surfaces in case of stratification, where the colours are perfectly transparent, the aesthetic results are of great impact. You have to give it a try. Our technical staff is ready to offer you the possibility to test Valjet’s potentiality on any material.


Print resolution: 2880 x 2880 dpi max
Print size: 360 X 560 mm
System dimension: prof. mm. 900 x largh. mm. 850 x h. mm. 520
prof. mm. 1100 x largh. mm. 850 x h. mm. 520
Weight: 40 Kg
Material thickness: 70 mm max
Weight of the loadable material to be printed: 3 Kg
Thickness adjustments: Automated (Control Panel Valjet)
Worktop made of printed metal: Allows easy positioning of the material to be printed
Handling: Sliding drawer
Printing technology: Inkjet micropiezo 8 channels printing head (variable drop on 7 levels)
Inks: Ghelco water based acrylic pigments
CMYK + white + transparent
White recirculation system: To prevent pigment sedimentation
Colour drying system: Forced hot air (fan line + resistence)
Connectivity: Ethernet TCP/IP 1000 base Tx-10base T
Semi automatic system for recognition of material thickness -
Automatic search for printing zero point: Home position
Software Rip Dedicated to dealing with white and transparent
Energy consumption Without heater - 200 Watt
With heater – 2200 Watt
Voltage 220/240 V. 50/60 Hz AC
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